There are other factors more important than that.

Buy Instagram Followers and Likesand Even Include Comments to Start Being an Influencer



For a mere $7 you can buy a tall latte from Starbucks or 500 followers for your Instagram account. The first one will give you the best in coffee while the latter can put you as a regular influencer. Through that and Instagram there are many lucrative brands that can offer deals for you.



If you want to know the instagram takipci satin alma yollari, this is just an easy feat since this has become a relatively cheaper price at this time. With multiple sites that provides this at the rate of $70 for 10,000 followers, buying can be done as fast. That is not so much in comparison to top influencers getting hundreds of thousands and at timesMillions of brand deals. But there are many that are competing in the field and it is not just the number of followers that they will look in an account that they will consider.


What are the other factors that brands will consider in evaluating accounts?

Brands will consider the following factors in noticing accounts, such as:

  1. Engagement factors like the likes and comments that your post are getting matters even more than the number of followers that you have.
  2. As you gain more followers, it is expected that you will have higher engagement on per post to make you look legitimate. On this you can also buy likes and even comments. Likes cost $70 per 10,000 while comments cost around $130 per 500 units. But this become pricier and you are not doing that for one or two photos but for every photo you post.
  3. There are also the blue check or the Instagram verification badge given to those that has gone over the specific threshold of followers though unspecified and the reached required to make your account accepted. This blue check can be applied by any instagram account though not everyone is probably evaluated in the same process.

Final Thought

Not everything that we put our heart in will give us the reward we expect, but if we persevere, there is surely something there for us maybe not as fast but in due time.