Then you can check out some headshops.

How smoke shops can appeal to non-smokers


If you’re ever interested in counterculture and subcultures like bohemianism and hippies, then you can check out some headshops. They became big in the ‘60s and ‘70s due to the rise of anti-establishment and anti-authoritarian movements. During this era, the arts was booming with creativity. Musicians, filmmakers, artists and writers were very prolific. Music festivals like Woodstock were big during this time since they were a safe place for the youth to express their ideals.


Local Smoke Shop Near Me


Even with the rise of vaping and use of e-cigarettes, smokers still experience a stigma in their way of life. Lately, more and more headshops have been selling e-cigarettes and different flavoring liquids since there are people that prefer this type of smoking. E-cigarettes and vape have the same stimulation that smoking offers without the consequences. There are several novelty items that you can find in smoke shops that cater to non-smokers.Their products range from items for smokers to decorative items and even souvenir gifts.


Decorative Items


Whether you smoke or not, glass pipes and bongs can also be used as decorations. There are also bongs that are designed to look like cartoon characters that you might want to display as well. It depends on the shop but there might also be some blacklight-responsive posters and blacklights that you can decorate with. Some shops also sell bohemian and hippie items like tie-dye cloths, dreamcatchers and music festival memorabilia.


Souvenir Gifts


If you’re visiting a different country and happen to stumble upon a smoke shop, you can buy some local products as souvenirs for friends or as gift to your smoker friends. You can also opt to send some incense to your friends and loved ones which they can use for aromatherapy. There are also music posters, bohemian and hippie items that you can give to friends. They also sell magazines, clothes and illustrations that show cannabis culture.