That tank is a premium heavy tank categorized as the Soviet tier 8.

The Reason WhyThe IS 6 Tank In World Of Tanks Is Very Helpful


World of Tanks is a Massively-Multiplayer Online game and you can read more about it on you want to get more information about it and more strategies you can apply in playing it. In this article you will be able to learn some techniques to get the IS 6 tank.  If you are a military enthusiast then you will surely enjoy this game and realize why the IS 6 tank is one of the most useful characters in the game. Many have won and got into higher levels using this.







The Advantages Of The IS 6 Tank


The cost of the IS 6 Tank requires 11,800 credits and its hit points are 1550 HP. When it comes to mobility, the engine power is 700 horse power and it is definitely strong and forceful enough which helps you damage or even kill opponents. The speed limit is 35/14 kilometers per hour which is considered really fast. It has 13,53hp/t of max power.


Let us talk about it armor and the armament. The armor is the main covering of the tank. It has hull armor and turret armor. The hull armor has the measurement 100/100/60 mm while the turret has 150/150/100 mm. We can say that it really thick and enormous. The armament attack has 390/390/530 points and the armor destroy is 175/217/61 mm. The shot speed is 5.13/min. Now do you still wonder why it is the targeted tank of every player?


Should You Consider Buying It In Online Store?


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