Reasons why everyone loves Sims 4


How to play Sims?

  1. Download the application.

First, you need to download the application. Sims series is available in app store so you can play on your mobile devices. If you wish to play using your laptop or pc, there are links for free download of Sims 4.

  1. Create your character.

After you download the game, it is now time to create your own character. It is like giving birth to a virtual human, the difference is, you can freely choose his or her hairstyle, eye, lips, shape of his or her face, body figure and own clothing.

  1. Play regularly to level up.

Sims characters is like a real person, they also needs to eat, take a bath, sleep, be entertained and so much more. They too have emotions and accomplished the task to unlock more surprise.

  1. Apply for a job.

When you have enough gold and Sims, you can apply for a job that you want.

  1. Create another Sims.

Love is a beautiful thing and you don’t want your Sims to live alone right? Build a perfect partner.

  1. Build a community.

Once you have a partner you can start a family and then build a community of your Sims.

  1. Imagination is the limit.

You can do anything. It is like living in a real world but everything is virtually possible.


What’s new with Sims 4?

If you want the latest version, free download game Sims 4 PC full version is available. Everyone loves the new update because the more editors make revisions in the game, the more it becomes realistic. The Sims 4 can now expressed emotions, needs and desires like a real human being. It is more challenging to deal with because of its complexity but the fun is there. After all, Sims is created to enjoy and create your own dream world virtually.