Choosing the best AARP Medicare Advantage Plan


There are many Medicare Advantage Plans that are offered by companies. However, these Advantage plans are standardized. The only difference they have from the other is how much it cost their clients to pay their Advantage Plan per month or their premium rate. Some companies also offer additional benefits, features, and discounts. These other features attract more clients thus increasing the productivity of the company. For example, AARP Medicare Advantage Plan offers additional features for their clients.

Clients should accomplish some things before purchasing a Medicare Advantage Plan such as:

  • Know the different Advantage Plans

Clients should not be swayed by the first company they went and should not buy the Advantage Plan if they do not get to know what the other companies can offer. Before purchasing a product, consumers look for a lower price but of the same quality and same services provided. As mentioned above, Advantage Plans are standardized. Hence, companies are obligated to make their plans the same as the other companies. However, some companies offer the same Advantage Plan at a cheaper price or with additional benefits and features.

  • Know if you are eligible for the plan

After knowing what kind of Advantage plan you want to avail and from which company, you should see if you are qualified for the said plan. You should ask the insurance company what requirements you should accomplish to start your application process. Each insurance company has different sets of requirements for enrolling in different plans. The basic requirement for eligibility is being enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. The client should also be 65 years old or above.

  • Insurance agents

After learning that you are eligible to apply for the Medicare Advantage Plan you want, next thing you will find is insurance agents. They are the ones that will help you enroll in the Advantage Plan. You don’t need to pay these insurance brokers since the company you availed your Advantage plan will be the one to pay them. You should look for insurance brokers that are pleasing and fair.