Avoid These Common Medicare Mistakes for a Better Experience

Retirement is supposed to be an age when older people get to enjoy the benefits they should earn after all the years they’ve worked. It’s always a good idea to invest in a good retirement plan and in good health care assistance. But falling into the mistakes of Medicare can be costly. Below are the mistakes to avoid so people can dodge the unwanted cost.

  • Not Signing Up on Time. People by the age of 65 have the option to either retire from work or not. For those who still choose to remain with their employers who contribute for their health insurance, there will be no need to apply for Medicare. But for people who are about to retire, they must apply within eight months. Otherwise, it will take a few more months before they can enroll and maybe shoulder some penalty.
  • Failure to sign up because of no Social Security benefits. For those people already receiving their Social Security Benefits, they may no longer need to sign up for a medical plan once they turn 65. Otherwise, postponing the filing for Social Security benefits for a later time will make them have to sign up for Medicare on their own.
  • Going for the Wrong Policy. It’s important to pick the right plan especially when retirement comes soon. Make sure it is compatible with any conditions (especially with pre-existing conditions) and the possible changes that can occur between plans. Know the Medicare plans that provide the most benefits, like Humana Medicare Advantage 2019.
  • Checking Annual Status. Some healthcare providers may or may not renew policies. It’s important that policyholders check if their doctors or hospitals are still covered in their policy from time to time. Know if they are still included in the network of doctors and service providers that are nearest to you.